What makes a wife lose interest in her husband

 When a woman loses interest in her husband 

Why can a woman lose interest in her husband?

Men wonder when a woman reduces her interest in them and starts to be silent most of the time.

Does my wife not love me anymore? Did she lose her passion for me?

The loss of attention and care for a man makes him think a lot.

And this disregard, my lady, creates many small problems that grow and become gigantic with time, and they may be trivial problems in the first place.

But over time, it builds up on top of each other like a wall, and the fragile building becomes an obstacle between the man and you, my lady.

My lady, men are like children, they love to be taken care of madly.

Just as the man does not care at all except for the interest and the feeling that he is the head of the house and its axis, for that is the male nature

Men, my lady, are simple.

The men, madam, are big children

There may be reasons for marital disputes, and this happens a lot all the time and time, as disputes occur when you talk to the man on the basis that he is responsible and the head of the house and that he is the owner of the house and he has many burdens.

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Also, one of the reasons for the differences that occur between the husband and his wife are the following reasons:

·         The woman may have found someone more interesting to her, at least.

·         Women think that the time is not right for engagement and they rush it.

·         She fights with her partner over every little thing.

·         Women may feel that the relationship is too early and that they have been involved in that relationship with that man too early.

·         Or that the woman does not feel intimacy in the relationship … Etc.

It can be said that the marital relationship between a man and a woman is based on love, trust and a sense of security, in addition to mutual respect between the two parties

Also, the two parties, madam, husband and wife, have to support each other

And when one of the partners is exposed to some problems, it may become inevitable that the other will be affected as well

Here, solutions to these problems must be found in order for the relationship to calm down and the atmosphere between the two parties to calm down

Madam, there are a group of negative things that, if found in every relationship, worsens:

·         Domination

Domination, possession, and striving for control are almost human instincts, but the attempt to impose control in a love relationship generates conflict between the two partners.

·         Selfishness

The relationship loses its balance, so when you, my lady, do not care about what the partner gets from this relationship as much as you care about what you get;  the relationship reaches a dead end.

·         Lying

In love, do not lie, not only because lying destroys trust between the two lovers, but also because the relationship that pushes you to lie is not a correct or balanced relationship.

·         Treason

Away from the many complex reasons, motives, and ways of betrayal in a love relationship, betrayal in its emotional and physical forms is considered one of the most important reasons for the collapse and failure of the love relationship.

Treason is a crime

Treason is a great sin

Treason is a shame

·         Excessive jealousy

Without a doubt, jealousy is one of the most important and strongest signs of falling in love. but it is also one of the most important reasons that lead to the failure of emotional relationships.

Logical and healthy jealousy creates a partner's sense of care and concern.

Pathological jealousy replaces this feeling of distress, suspicion and distrust.

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The negative aspects of social communication and its impact on the wife's interest in her husband

There is no doubt that the negative aspects of the social media world, especially the absence of the term privacy and the permissibility of bullying, greatly affect the stability of family life, especially between spouses.

One or both of the parties to the relationship publish details of their marital life through groups on the Internet.

 and various social networking applications, which exposes them to many problems and criticisms and threatens their family stability.

It is not right to publish the secrets of marital life on the means of communication, including several reasons.

Most notably, the responses to the secrets presented are from non-specialists

So the advice will be misplaced.


What is married life based on?

Marital life is also based on trust, safety and respect for the space of privacy between the spouses.

Thus, we imagine if the husband found his wife complaining about him in front of everyone.

Or if the wife finds the husband complaining about her in front of everyone, then here is the peak of violating the privacy of the relationship between the spouses.


What a family needs to unite them?

Of course, we missed the big man or big lady who is appreciated and respected by everyone in the family.

Which the youth of the family resort to if they disagree, so she advises, guides, gathers the far apart, and reconciles the quarrels!

We are in dire need of awareness campaigns in the media, social media, and in mosques to restore family ties.

And to restore respect between the families and to revive the spirit in family life that died in the crowds of life.


Tips to restore enthusiasm between the wife and husband:

Mutual respect in order to live a happy and stable married life.

Both parties should respect each other and both should be Keen on the feelings of the other party, avoiding things that disturb him, and have mutual respect.

So among them, neither party in the relationship can single-handedly make a decision.

In addition to respecting the parties to each other and dealing with kindness, sincerity and love.

Both sides listen to each other by listening to each other, both sides can understand each other.

Here, listening, listening, being considerate of the feelings of others, and not being preoccupied with the phone, TV, or anything else that could give the impression that the other party does not care.

One of the important things that must be achieved is Speak kindly and lovingly.

and maintain communication between them.

This is to avoid harsh words that have a great impact on the other party.

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