Turning a girl on is not difficult if you follow these simple tips

What can turn a girl on and how to know it?

Do you think the girl will be aroused by talking?

It can be said that every girl differs from the other in many characteristics, and therefore the things that excite each of them are different.

So you will need to choose what to say when a particular girl is speaking to you.  However, there are some wise tips that you can follow

The girl is a sensitive, refined being, and the excitement of any girl in general, considering that you are already dating, make sure to continue for a good period of time in talking to the girl, because the exciting slow talk will achieve much better results than the hasty talk.

Did you understand?

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Some important tips to know how to talk to women:

·        Make sure to use your words face to face

Of course, sound effect is very important for a girl

Talking through the voice attracts attention and becomes more exciting for women

Be the strong tone of your nature and do not pretend

Try to use the deepest color in your voice when you talk to your girl

Studies show that men with deep voices get more female partners

Where women tend to them more

This does not mean that you should lower your voice. Your girl may be alienated from you if she feels that you are not being yourself

But if you're using the most shrill tone of your voice, try lowering the pitch when you're talking to your girl

·        Set the mood 

It is not preferable for these situations to be with your girl in a public place in the midst of a crowd of people as if you were one of the artists on stage

You have to sit in an elegant and quiet place so that you can speak freely

Your girl is your queen to spoil her

Talk to her without pretending

Don't make up

Never lie

Don't play with her feelings


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·        Ask her good and interesting questions

The girl loves the smart strong man

You have to learn and adapt to her and prove to her that you are worthy of her

Be with her a friend, lover, brother and father, and above all, you have to be honest from the heart

Open new conversations and do not make them feel bored or that what is being said is repetitive and old

You were the helmsman and its engine.

.You have to be an elegant man with her looks, whispers, and movements, and never be a rude man


·         Describe the romantic things you would like to do with her

Don't rush too hard when describing what you want to do. It should be romantic first.

You will need to come up with your own proposals.

Some other compliments you can use I thought of you today when I woke up just as I thought of you when I went to sleep last night You know what I was thinking I was thinking of both of us.

·         Ignite enthusiasm and longing 

Say you want her

One of the most important things to say when you want to turn up the heat is this simple word:

I want you, You can add other variations on the word but saying this makes her feel like you want to get close to her

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·         Warnings

Don't make this behavior normal or your girl will start to notice that any compliment from you means you want her body and this could quickly destroy any relationship.

Let her feel wanted and interested.

If you see her calm, start asking romantic questions while holding her hand.

But be creative in your questions and do not make them suspicious or insulting because they may spoil the relationship

You can avoid the painful silences by going slowly and turning up the heat as soon as you feel ready.

Don't overdo it with your compliments, because this will make her wary of what you're trying to do, and she'll know that you're trying to talk too much.


What a girl likes in a guy??

The girl loves a man who is more jealous than a cold man

And the sober man is more than the normal man who shows his intense attachment and surrounds her on all sides around the clock

A girl loves a man who makes her feel feminine and she is observant, so try to pay attention to her new haircut, the color of her clothes, and the change in her shape.

She loves him moderately for his behavior and trusts her and supports her. Appearance plays an important role for women.

And her attraction towards men, so the man who cares about his appearance, his perfume, and his elegance is the man who attracts women in the first place before other men.

A personality like that also attracts the girl in the first place, according to the order of priorities, the young man who talks a lot.

The young man who proves his presence wherever he attends and who kisses the hands of his beloved whenever he sees her.

In addition to what makes her laugh, he is one of those who have the good luck of getting the girl's heart and falling in love with her.


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Don't play with girls' feelings

Dear reader, you must be creative in your conversation with your girl and never pretend to avoid the failure of the relationship.

I was her support, brother, friend, lover, and faithful husband.

Don't play with girls' feelings.

The girl, sir, is a romantic creature that does not disturb his peace and calm feelings.

You were the hero in the movies for her.

Be aware of every small and large detail.

Be the dream she dreamed of all her life.

I can only tell you one thing, honesty, sincerity, and the fear of God are sufficient reasons for the success of your conversation with your girl and be sure of your feelings.

For good or bad, you have to choose.

You must choose your words and actions well.

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