Attract & seduce your crush using Whatsapp texts (100% working)

 It's not easy to conquer a woman with whom you haven't had much contact via WhatsApp. But if you follow the following strategies, tips, and advice, it will be much easier for you to get a date with that woman you like.

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Get the attention of the girl you desire 😍


1. Do not respond immediately

This would make you look desperate. We also don't advise you to take days to answer her, because she might lose interest in you.


2. Ask twice before declaring yourself defeated

What if you ask her out and she says she's busy? Should you ask her out on another day? If she is really interested in you, she will respond with an alternative. If not, she'll simply say she can't.

When she refuses the first time, don't immediately offer her another day, you will look desperate.

Wait a week or so and make another offer. If she tells you again that she can't and doesn't offer you another day, she is definitely not interested in you.

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3. Do not send generic messages

Messages like "Hello!" or "How are you?" are terribly common and can be found in every phone in the world. They have no personality and we assure you that if you send them, it is very possible that she will ignore you.

Also, these are terrible phrases to start a conversation with. What do you want to say to a simple "Hello" except another greeting?


4. Don't use too much informal language and don't make mistakes

Maybe you think it's a little shallow, but grammar and spelling errors have a very negative impact on how women perceive the men who write to them.

If you send messages with bad (poor or excessive) punctuation, you will look less mature or less intelligent. So you've been warned: pay attention to your spelling, grammar and punctuation when writing a message.

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5. Don't joke all the time

It's good to show your sense of humor, but in moderation. If you joke all the time, it is likely that the date will never happen.

You can of course send emojis, memes or GIF's to show your sense of humor but not all the time and only when the conversation allows it.


6. Be careful not to send her too many messages

You need to make sure that the number and length of messages are balanced. You don't want to sound too heavy, or desperate. You need to show the same level of enthusiasm as she does.


7. Allude to previous conversations you have had in person

Show her that you were listening to her when you saw each other in person and that what she said had an impact on you.

You can thank her for a piece of advice she gave you or simply remind her of something fun that happened that day between you.


8. Shorten the time between appointments after a while

Send her clear and direct invitations that show you are very interested in her.


9. Use humor in your WhatsApp messages

Try to be funny once in a while, because if you are too serious, she may misinterpret it. Don't go overboard with the humor either, because she may think it's just a game to you and you could drive her away. Use a sense of humor in dribs and drabs to lighten the conversation a bit.


10. Always call her by her name

If you start the message with her name, she will realize (even unconsciously) that you are talking to her. And only with her.


11. Don't look like you need sex

Make jokes but avoid making sexual comments all the time.


12. Compliment her

It is in the nature of women to want to feel good. Receiving a compliment can change our view of the person giving it and make our day much lighter and happier. But you shouldn't go overboard with compliments, because they might make her feel uncomfortable. And you would look a little desperate.

A compliment at the right time and about the right thing is a very good way to win over a woman on WhatsApp because it will make her smile, make her happy and get her attention in a positive way.


13. Choose a good profile picture

Choosing a beautiful image to represent you is important to win over a woman on WhatsApp. Search for your best selfie and upload it.


14. Write an original status

You can put a song clip that you like or a thought that speaks to you. The idea is to get the woman's attention and start a conversation.


15. Try to be natural and confident

Usually, the best way to impress someone is to be yourself without forcing yourself. Show yourself as you are. It is very likely that she will notice.

It is normal to be a little nervous but try to entertain her and be relaxed when you talk to her... you will see that things will become more fluid.


16. Do not saturate it with messages

Be patient and give her time to respond before sending another message. Keep in mind that women prefer a long and complete message rather than a lot of one or two word messages.

Use memes, GIF's and other emojis sparingly. Sending a funny GIF that livens up the conversation is one thing but starting to spam her with tons of stuff will just make her want to stop responding to you or, worse, block you.


17. Show interest in her

If you really like her and want to impress and win her over, be sincere and tell her that you like talking to her. Be honest and it will be much easier for you to talk to her.

Ask her deep questions and listen to everything she has to say. Pay attention to details, which could provide you with good tools to make her conquest easier.

Answer all of her questions truthfully and show her that you are truly interested in her.


18. Avoid at all costs sending or asking for sex pictures or videos

This is something that would scare any woman away and would make you look like a pervert looking for sex.

If you're really interested in it, respect it. One thing at a time. If you're trying to win her over, that's not what you should be thinking about.

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