Dating websites : how to find effective love online? 💖

 Which dating site to choose?

There was a time when the offer was limited: it was Meetic or nothing. But today, many platforms and applications have appeared and they all address a specific target. Before launching yourself, think about what you are looking for. If it's true love, don't waste time on sites dedicated to ephemeral encounters and one-night stands.

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In the field of internet dating, Meetic is like a dinosaur! However, even if some criticize it, the site remains a real reliable way to make serious encounters. Thanks to its Meetic Affinity system, the site now offers to put you in touch only with profiles that match you. Very useful to save time!



Once is the anti-Tinder. Here, you will only be allowed one "match" per day. Each profile is analyzed by employees of the site who will themselves put you in touch with profiles that match you. We take our time and we give time to the other. You don't consume, you meet. And that changes everything!



Created by two young French entrepreneurs, Abricot is a UFO. The ambition of the site is commendable: to prevent women from being harassed in an untimely manner by indelicate men. Abricot is entirely dedicated to women and will put you directly in touch with profiles chosen by them. However, Apricot is more expensive than its competitors!


Adopt a Guy

We all have friends around us who have found true love on Adopt a Guy! We would be tempted to believe it. Be careful, however, to sort out and be vigilant about the profiles you select because... there is really everything, including wolves in sheep's clothing.


Reel me

Is this handsome young man actually a pot-bellied mustachian? This is one of the risks of dating sites, people tend to choose photos of them 10 years ago (or even more!) or even photos in "handsome in the shade of a palm tree" mode, but very very in the shade. With Reel me, you won't have this problem anymore because the application forces its users to make a ten-second presentation video.


Dating site : how to make your profile

Don't forget that on dating sites, everything goes very fast: your profile must be attractive. Make sure you fill it out completely, without leaving anything out. Insufficiently filled out profiles are often ignored and users may quickly move on to someone else. This profile should showcase you, your qualities and your tastes. However, be careful not to say too much either, it is important to keep a part of mystery!


First tip: don't try to pass yourself off as someone else, honesty is key. Don't invent a passion for skydiving and an extroverted character if you are in reality a swimming fan and rather reserved. You have children, say so. You smoke, say so. You have a very demanding job with shifting hours, say so. Your presentation text should be punchy but not overdone. Write a dynamic text in which you talk about yourself but also mention your expectations. Again, be honest! If you are looking for a serious relationship and avoid one-night stands, it's better to be clear from the start, as this will avoid disappointment for you (and others!).


Then comes the crucial question of the photo. Choose a recent photo (this is important!) where your face and figure are clearly visible. If you don't have one, improvise a photo session with a friend.


Go from virtual to real quickly

You like this young man so a piece of advice, don't delay to meet him. This will save you from wasting precious time fantasizing about someone you haven't seen yet. More seriously, if the current is good between you, believe in your luck. This can start with a phone call if you are shy, but it should quickly evolve into a date. Nothing is more important than hearing the other person's voice, seeing how they express themselves, observing their skin tone. Who knows? Love at first sight (the real thing!) could be just around the corner!


Pitfalls to avoid on dating sites

Most sites will check members' photos and texts, making sure they are not defamatory or obscene. Some, like Apricot, will also ask for identification and a criminal record. But in reality, nothing assures you that this handsome single 38 year old doctor is not an unemployed married man. This is the risk and unfortunately, nothing can protect you from it. This is also one of the reasons why it is important to meet quickly. This way you will quickly know who you are dealing with. Besides, a man who is never available or who constantly postpones an appointment is not a good sign. Also cut short immediately if a registrant asks you for a money transfer, insists heavily on coming to your place or on the contrary refuses to talk to you by phone. For a first date, meet in a public place and tell someone close to you where you are. It is not a question of becoming paranoid, but simply of being cautious.

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